"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories

"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories Character List


Rosaura is the story's protagonist. At nine years old, Rosaura sees the world in terms of equality and merit, which conflicts with her mother's understanding of social status as being determined by class. Rosaura aspires to be rich one day, and believes that good behavior will set her apart as special and deserving of rewards and praise. She has glossy black hair, and the magician singles her out as having "Spanish eyes."


Herminia is Rosaura’s mother, who works as a maid. She is hesitant to let her daughter attend her rich employer's daughter's birthday party. While she might seem strict and cruel by reminding Rosaura that they occupy lower class positions than Luciana and her mother, it becomes clear that Herminia seeks to protect her daughter from being offended. Herminia speaks in coarse language, of which her daughter disapproves.


Luciana is the girl to whose party Rosaura is invited. Luciana and Rosaura do homework together after school while Rosaura’s mother cleans the house. The girls share secrets.

Señora Ines

Luciana's mother Señora Ines is a rich woman who employs Rosaura's mother as a maid. During the birthday party, Ines compliments Rosaura's abilities and maturity while asking her to help serve drinks and food. At the end of the story, Ines tries to give Rosaura money to compensate her for the labor she provided.

Luciana's Cousin

Upon seeing Rosaura, Luciana’s cousin interrogates Rosaura about who she is and how she was invited to the party. With hostility, she insists that she is not actually one of Luciana's friends, because she knows all of Luciana's friends. She is blonde and wears a bow.

The Magician

The magician is man hired to entertain the children at Luciana's party. He performs magic tricks with the help of a monkey, whom he refers to as his partner. The magician is cruel to a boy who has stage fright. He refers to Rosaura as his little countess.