"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories

"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories Literary Elements


Short story

Setting and Context

The story takes place at a wealthy child's birthday party, and is presumably set in Argentina

Narrator and Point of View

The story is narrated by an unnamed third-person narrator; the point of view stays with Rosaura

Tone and Mood

The tone is playful; the mood shifts from hopeful to tragic

Protagonist and Antagonist

Rosaura is the protagoinst; the antagonists include Rosaura's mother, Luciana's cousin, and Señora Ines

Major Conflict

Rosaura's major conflict is that she would like to think of herself as being equal to the other children at Luciana's birthday party, while her mother and Luciana's mother remind Rosaura of her lower social class


The story reaches its climax when Señora Ines offers Rosaura money for the help she provided at the party, thereby reinforcing a class-based power dynamic that recasts Rosaura's impression of why she had been invited


When told to wait at the entrance before leaving the party, Rosaura's mother grows worried; her worry foreshadows the climactic moment when Señora Ines offers Rosaura money that she doesn't want or expect






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