"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories

"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories Study Guide

Liliana Heker's "The Stolen Party" is a short story about nine-year-old Rosaura attending a birthday party at the house where her mother Herminia works as a maid. While Herminia warns Rosaura against believing she will be accepted as an equal by the birthday girl Luciana's other party guests, Rosaura enjoys taking part in the games and magic show while simultaneously eliciting praise from Luciana's mother Ines for helping serve drinks and food to the more boisterous children. Before Rosaura leaves the party, Luciana's mother tries to give Rosaura money instead of the parting gift the other children receive; it is only at this point that Rosaura understands Ines has treated her as a servant.

As one of Heker's best-known stories, "The Stolen Party" has been widely translated and adapted for the stage.