The Left Hand of Darkness Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Left Hand of Darkness Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Ship (Symbol)

The main aim of Genly Ai is to get to another planet. And the best transport for this goal is a ship. The ship symbolizes new age, new discoveries, knowledge, technologies and acquaintances with other nations, which give opportunities to change Genly’s planet. And these changes will have a new history. The ship is a hope to turn over a new leaf.

Sincerity (Allegory)

Sincerity is an uncommon feature in the world, but there are many people, who can boast about this trait. And the reader can observe a lot of moment, which are filled with frankness. For example, Estraven’s previous lover endows him. Another moment happens, when Genly and Estraven overcome the ice shelf and assist in need. Characters of this story show their sincerity and set an example of good-tempered person. The author convinces everybody of cultivating this trait.

Hermaphroditism, reproduction (Motif)

These two motifs reveal the main theme of this novel. Inhabitants of Winter planet have a peculiarity - hermaphroditism, which plays a significant role in their reproduction and generation of all society. We can affirm that it is a usual life process, but it is an inalienable part of life. The author proves that the life of characters is impossible without hermaphroditism and their gender will not be continued. In worse situation, the existence of people will disappear. The hermaphroditism originates man and beast.

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