The Left Hand of Darkness Imagery

The Left Hand of Darkness Imagery

Parade’s atmosphere

During the parade, weather isn’t so wonderful: “rainclouds over dark towers, rain falling in deep streets, a dark storm-beaten city of stone, through which one vein of gold winds slowly”. But the “magnificently clothed of merchants, potentates, and artisans of the city” fill the parade up with bright colors and unforgettable moments. People take delight in entertainments and they are just happy.

Coming of spring

Nature description is always very efficient as a background for the atmosphere overall: “The last of the winter's snow is melting and the winter-doors, ten feet aboveground, are sealed off for a few months, till the autumn and the deep snow should return”. But everything is melting and this picture is spoiled by “the mud and the ice”. It is a great feeling, when everything wakes up after the cold winter. It is not accidental that such a rebirth of nature has been chosen for the main character’s acts. It gives an impression that things started during this time are destined to be successful, but the image of “mud” foreshadows that there might be some difficulties.

Light and Darkness

These two things are complete opposite, but are both used in this story as the element of image. “The light is only useful”. The darkness has a negative meaning. Especially, it concerns Estraven. As Genly says “of all the dark, obstructive, enigmatic souls I have met in this bleak city, his is the darkest". Light and darkness are like “yin and yang”. They oppose each another, but at the same time complete each another. Without the one, the other would not be appreciated completely. In the story they provide an image of struggle, a struggle of one’s belief and prejudices.

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