The Left Hand of Darkness Metaphors and Similes

The Left Hand of Darkness Metaphors and Similes

Fear toward own county (Metaphor)

The main character is shocked to the innermost of his heart because of the king’s irresponsibility. Every country must have a protector and patriot. But unfortunately, Argaven doesn’t show any admiration to his country. Liability and fear are incompatible things. The king cannot think about patriotism with the feeling of fear. The struggle for own country doesn’t like weak and faint-hearted fighters. A real patriot must protect the native land with a pride and courage.

Character of a base man (Simile)

Argaven isn’t a perfect king, as people always dream about their ruler. And any news can make him angry and evil, especially when he gets to know about Estraven’s treachery. At this time “he smiles at this, a stretched, staring grin. He laughs shrilly like an angry woman pretending to be amused”. And his smile shows that he is a hot-tempered and phony person.

Like a knife (Simile)

The author gives a beautiful description of nature in her novel. And comparisons always strengthen the effect of it. When the main character “opens the squealed door, it is broad day, sunlight like a knife in the eyes, bright and frightening”. It means not only that the sun is bright. This comparison gives a feeling of sharpness and the pleasant pain, which symbolizes the coming of spring.

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