The Left Hand of Darkness Characters

The Left Hand of Darkness Character List

Genly Ai

Genly Ai is the main character, he is a protagonist. He is a messenger of the whole habitable globe chosen by the authorities for trade, exchange of knowledge and technology. Genly is sent to Gethen by the Ekumen as an envoy. He is described as a tall and dark man. According to the plot, Genly tries to win King’s confidence. Also he is a sensible person, who knows everything about culture and languages of his planet. He is well-educated and provides an impression of a brave and reliable person, who knows what he wants and knows how to achieve it.


Estraven is an inhabitant of Gethen. At the beginning of the story he is a prime minister of Karhide, but a little bit later he is exiled. He is the one who believes Genly Ai and always helps him. Estraven is a patriot, who respects his country. And he considers his the most important obligation is to protect Karhide.

Argaven Harge XV

Argaven Harge XV is the king of Karhide. He is described by his subordinates and Estraven as an awful person. He is rude and even cruel. According to the story, he is pregnant, but he loses his child before its birth. He treats Genly badly and doesn’t believe him. Also Argaven refuses to join the Ekumen, and the whole habitable globe.

Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe

Pemmer Harge rem ir Tibe is Argaven’s cousin. He is a negative personage. He becomes a prime minister after Estraven. He is an aggressive person, who wants the war to erupt. He uses his power as a prime minister to grab even more power, he is not very interested in what is beneficial for his country. He is also against Genly’s mission. At the end of this story he resigns.

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