The Left Hand of Darkness Irony

The Left Hand of Darkness Irony

Ironical relations

The relationship between Genly Ai and Estraven become more complicated. As readers know Estraven tries to help Genly and saves his life, but Ai hesitates to trust. And this vagueness makes Ai ridiculous. Ironical is that the main character doesn’t appreciate what he has. The author calls his behavior as “dramatic irony”. This kind of love is not something he was used to, so these relationships become obscure, and shows that Ai, being so well educated and cultured, lacks a little bit of common sense and kind of the sixth sense, that would hint him that Estraven is the one to trust. Nothing is perfect in this world.

Greedy profit

It is an awkward moment, when people get to know the truth about the unification of planets. “Material profit, currency, increase of knowledge the augmentation of the complexity and intensity of the field of intelligent life” are things, which everybody wishes to get. The irony is that modern society always finds profits and interests first. People never think about each other. They are so impudent, the author jeers at their behavior.

Ill temper

In this story the author scoffs at slow-witted. She considers that “a man who doesn't detest a bad government is a fool”. People become stupid and naïve when they believe to everybody, who promises them a better life. And this negative feature destroys their personalities.

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