The Golem Themes

The Golem Themes

Androids, technologies

This story could be called “How to tame a robot?”, because here the author describes the relationship between an android and a person, between technology and the whole humanity. When Mr. Gumbeiner makes his own slave from the evil golem, the author predicts that presently humankind will be able to use robots and androids for everyday troubles. In the end, the golem is no longer an antagonist. The golem becomes an assistant. Mr. Gumbeiner owns it. No matter how the golem tries to destroy humanity, it cannot fulfill its mission, because it is inanimate. The golem does not have a feeling of anger, revenge and boldness.

Love, mutual regard

Another central theme, the love that exists between Mr. and Mrs. Gumbeiner is splendid. The author shows the most ideal relationship even when old age overtakes a person. Mr. and Mrs. Gumbeiner are already an old man and an old woman, but their feelings and relationship are something! They cannot be compared with the relationship between teenagers. This is a completely different thing. When you live with a person all your life, you not only become attached to him. You give him all the most precious things – caress, caring, love, soul, heart... Their relationship is like a fairy tale. Although the author does not pay much attention to love, the reader can still feel this power.

Humor, positivity

If everyone had a sense of humor, then the world will become kinder. The reader sees how the old man and the old woman refer to the golem’s emergence with humor. Mr. and Mrs. Gumbeiner make fun of the golem. They treat it with irony, and Mr. and Mrs. Gumbeiner even treat each other with humor. Moreover, when you are a positive person, all you problems seem to be trifles. Davidson uses the theme of humor to make his story not tragic, but comic. Surely, he achieves his aim.

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