The Golem Irony

The Golem Irony

Too sassy for the golem

The golem comes in without a hello, goodbye, or how are you, sits himself down, and right away it is at home. Mrs. Gumbeiner ironically comes interested “if the chair is comfortable” and asks if the golem “wants a glass of tea”. Of course, she jokes because her guest’s behavior angers her.

Got stuck

When Mrs. Gumbeiner is outrages by the golem’s behavior, she asks her husband why he keeps silent. She ironically says that “Mr. Gumbeiner is made of wood”. Surely, Mrs. Gumbeiner jokes, because she is anger that her husband pretends he does not care.

Very handsome

Once, Mr. Gumbeiner asks his wife why she could stand to be married to such a stupid person at this time. However, Mrs. Gumbeiner keeps her head and says with humor that “she married him due to his good looks”. Surely, the old woman loves her husband not only for his appearance.

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