The Golem Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    In what ways does the old couple interact with The Golem, and how do they end?

    First, the couple sees The Golem walking towards them, and they joke about its gait and height, as well as its awkward appearance. When The Golem walks up to them and sits down, they ask it sardonically if it is comfortable, and if it wants anything. The Golem tries to threaten them, to which the old couple laughs and mocks it further. This style of interaction persists for a while, until The Golem insults the woman, and the man slaps The Golem, breaking it open. They repair The Golem, and instruct it to do their bidding from there on out.

  2. 2

    What does The Golem use as intimidation techniques, and to what degree are they successful?

    First, The Golem uses silent intimidation to scare the couple, by staring at them and saying nothing, which does not work. After that, he says that they should be scared of his power and what he can do to them, to which they respond with sarcastic comments. He then tries to scare them with his creator and knowledge of the scientific world, which the old couple neither understands nor cares about. Finally, his crude resort to insults results in his (temporary) demise, and subsequent submittal to the old couple. He ends the novel in subservience to the old couple, mowing their lawn.

  3. 3

    What was The Golem meant to represent, and how does that unfold over the course of the story?

    The Golem is meant to be the protector of the old couple, but goes about it in an unconventional way, essentially testing the two of them for an entire story. He presents them with various challenges to prove that they are worthy throughout the course of his time with them, which involves him standing up to them in the hopes that they will resist. After they prove themselves physically stronger than him and not in fear, he becomes subservient to them and does their bidding. He realizes that they have no fear towards him, so he decides to side with them.

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