The Golem

The Golem Analysis

The Golem” is a very funny short story. This is an amazingly ironic tale that attracts the reader though it seems that there is nothing outstanding about it. The author shows an elderly couple. The couple is so concentrated on their life that it will not be surprised by anything unusual. Probably, it is indicative not only of the middle of the last century. Probably, it is also difficult to surprise a modern person.

The author accurately conveys the atmosphere of everyday life with the help of dialogues, during which one can notice the appearance of an extraordinary creation. This story could have had an intrigue if the characters had showed a little curiosity. However, these actions are necessary – not to appreciate and not to be saturated with the greatness of the moment.

Davidson perfectly describes the Jewish family with very colorful language. It seems that the author opened a new direction in anecdotes and literature – Jewish characters and androids. It is funny, instructive and interesting how the greatest plans can easily be destroyed by such a trifle as an evil Jew.

The Golem” is a short story, but there is more morality than in other books or novels. Of course, the story is not without morality. The author does not teach the reader to be kind or friendly. He teaches to be an authority and leader. Unfortunately, the world is not as kind as all children’s fairy tales about fairies and princesses. Here there is no place for mercy. Everyone is fighting for his or her own happiness. Therefore, we must be strong and get rid of the obstacles that make us weak. Life does not like dweebs. Any difficulties make us stronger.

Surely, the great advantage of the story is humor. The actions of the old man and the old woman as well as their conversations make the reader forget about the danger that is next to them. For the most part, their humor destroys their enemy. Here we get one more lesson – you need to treat everything with humor. However, do not confuse humor with a psychological attack. Life is very short and we should not waste our health and our nerves on problems even if they are global. You need to be able to be a little indifferent and loyal.

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