The Golem Characters

The Golem Character List

Mr. Gumbeiner

An old Jewish man who is given no other name save for his last name. He is a stubborn old man, possessing a dry, self-depreciating sense of humor and is quite devoted to his nagging wife, despite her frequent jibes. It is revealed in the story that he was quite strong and handsome in his youth.

Mrs. Gumbeiner

Mr. Gumbeiner's wife, who, like her husband is given no other name apart from her last name. She too is a stubborn old woman who seems to take great delight in making sure that she wins whatever argument they have--which is often. She has a barbed, sarcastic sense of humor and her long-suffering husband is often the target of her wit. Despite her treatment of her husband she does genuinely love him and often jokes that if it weren't for his good looks she'd have never married him.

Prof. Allardyce

The Professor does not participate in the story as a character and is only alluded to in The Golem's monologue. Despite this The Golem does speak of him with a form of reverential tone, as if it were impressed with his skill and intelligence.

The Golem

The eponymous Golem is the antagonist of the short story. Unlike the classic mud and clay golem of Jewish/Hebrew mythology this golem is rather like a complex android composed of all sorts of springs, gears, and complicated circuitry sheathed in pallid, grey artificial skin. The Golem speaks with a harsh, monotonous voice--ideal for creating fear--at least that was the idea, until it came face to face with either the bravest or most clueless couple on Earth: The Gumbeiners.

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