Rain Themes

Rain Themes


The theme is widely opened in the story: the reader follows the Davidsons, missionaries, who play one of the main roles here. They seem to be true, righteous Christians. At least, they pretend to be so in their words. But when watching how they treat Mrs Thompson, it becomes clear that they are not so holy, as they want to look: they are callous, they are addicted not to their faith, but to the idea of this faith. And this idea is interpreted by them in their own way: they think that people must become Christians no matter if they want it or not. Their point of view is clearly implemented in their making Mrs Thompson repent her sins.


The theme of revenge Is presented in two reverse directions in the story: Mr Davidson’s revenge for Mrs Thompson and her friends’ scoffing at him and successive Mrs Thompson’s revenge for actually Mr Davidson’s revenge. The first of revenges was Mr Davidson’s making the woman’s soul suffer and be in constant fear. He went to her room everyday and nobody knew what they were doing there, but Mr Davidson achieved his goal: Mrs Thompson, being first a cheeky woman, has changed into a haggard and mild-mannered one. As for the second revenge, Mrs Thompson didn’t go to her goal openly. The reader doesn’t even realize that she wanted to take revenge over Mr Davidson. Only at the very end, when Dr. Macphail and other people on the island found Mr Davidson’s dead body on the beach and see Mrs Thompson, again alive and in a good mood, they (and the reader as well) understand, that her contrition and misery were just artificial instruments in making her goal come true.

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