Rain Imagery

Rain Imagery

The nature of the island

First the author describes that island met the characters with the sunny, multicolored and cheerful landscape: “There was a thin strip of silver beach rising quickly to hills covered to the top with luxuriant vegetation. The coconut trees, thick and green, came nearly to the water`s edge, and among them you saw the grass houses of the Samoaris; and here and there, gleaming white, a little church.” But the more the passions among protagonists run high, the more gloomy and grey the weather became, harder it was raining outside. Such bright nature changes help Maugham to highlight the changes in people’s relations.

Mrs. Davidson’s voice

The author very vividly describes Mrs Davidson’s voice: “The most remarkable thing about her 3 was her voice, high, metallic, and without inflection; it fell on the ear with a hard monotony, irritating to the nerves like the pitiless clamour of the pneumatic drill.” It seems for the reader that this voice is so real that he can touch it, feel its nature. It helps him to understand the woman’s character, which is as cold, metal and harsh as her voice.

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