Rain Metaphors and Similes

Rain Metaphors and Similes

Big bug (Metaphor)

Dr Macphail said that, as for him, Mr Davidson wasn’t “…such a big bug that he could afford to put on frills.” Thus, he wanted to point that the man wasn’t such an important person as he thought, as he wanted others to treat him.

The Founder (Metaphor)

Dr. Macphail named Jesus “The founder of their [Christian] religion”. There he understood that even if he didn’t call Him by His name, everybody’d still know who he meant. Thus he highlighted His greatness, which isn’t to be named directly, it’s enough to say one word to point on it.

Plague spot (Simile)

Mr Davidson called Iwelei “the plagues spot, the Red Light District, a blot of civilization”, when Mrs Macphail asked what is this block famous for. Thus he wanted to show the sinfulness of this place in its full power, and his personal loathing to it.

Cry for help (Simile)

Once Mrs Thompson’s gramophone began to play, when Mr Davidson had already started his “work” on her. Dr Macphail thought that it was “like her cry for help to Mr Davidson”. Thus he showed a kind of his favor, sympathy to her, showed that he understood her recklessness, her wish to be free from Mr Davidson’s fetter.

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