Rain Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Rain Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Mr Davidson (Symbol)

The man stands here as the symbol of cruelty, which hides behind virtue. He is a missionary, who must forgive others and be an example of a Christian not just based on words, but based as well on behavior. He mustn’t force others to come to God, as he had done with the people of his island and wanted to do with Mrs Thompson. If he was the “light” for those people, they’d seek his God without any coercion.

Rain (Allegory)

The rain stands here as the allegory to those events which had happened on the island. First there was no rain there: all people were quite and friendly. But when the quarrel between Mr Davidson and Mrs Thompson begins, when Dr Macphail is angry for Mr Davidson, it starts raining and it’s continuing harder and harder till the very end of the story, when the story reaches its pick – Mr Davidson is killed.

Gramophone (Symbol)

The gramophone symbolized depravity. When Mrs Thompson turns it on, her neighbors regard her as a naughty woman. When Mr Davidson starts to put her on the path of truth, she turns it off. But when the woman, having killed him, changes into previous Mrs Thompson, she listens to the gramophone again. The instrument sounds loudly, it rattles in the protagonists ears (and it seems, in the reader’s as well), thus filling the image of Mrs Thompson up with flashy immorality.

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