Rain Irony

Rain Irony

Exultant horridness

Mrs Davidson was crying exultantly, saying: “Did you ever hear anything more dreadful?” when she told about the sins that took place on the island she lived. As if she was enjoying those things, that must have been avoided, eschewed, especially by her, the Christian.

True Christian boys ought to wear trousers

Mrs Davidson thought that “the inhabitants of these islands will never be thoroughly Christianised till every boy of more than ten years is made to wear a pair of trousers.” She really thought that such a trifle could make them the Christians, though actually she must have understood that the true faith wasn’t in the clothes, but in the heart.

Impatient missionary

Mrs Davidson was impatient to the feckless people, like the Macphails were in her opinion. Thus she showed her true essence: if she were Christian, she would not treat them in such a way: she would be kind and forbearing.

Abandoned Mr Davidson

Once Mr Davidson said: “And do you think the Lord is going to abandon me when I am on his business?” But at the end of the story he was killed. So, it suggests the question, whether he was really on God’s business or it was just his false belief.

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