Nausea Themes

Nausea Themes

The deepness of a man’s mind

The story is absorbed with a man’s essence: the reader doesn’t actually notice the events, he prefers to observe the protagonist’s feelings, their expression into the thoughts. And the deepness of this feelings opens wider and wider during the story: the reader “dives” in this inner world: he sees all the changes which take place in the hero’s mind, the dynamics of his self-perception, perception of the outer world.


This feeling is everywhere in the story, and the author interprets it in different ways in different characters: he associates it with insanity (in case with Antoine’s teacher, whom all the pupils were afraid of); with Nausea in case with the narrator, with “diving” into the work (in case with The Self-Taught-Man it’s reading).


This theme is not directly opened in the story, but the reader understands what the author means: under this name the narrator hides all his depression, inadequacy, and even uncontrollability. Sometimes he is calm, nothing makes him worried, but sometimes he can’t pick up the stone from the ground or to say anything – this Nausea comes to him. Only in the end he gets rid of it – music helps him to “treat” himself.

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