Nausea Quotes


“What is there to fear in such a regular world.”


Antoine says these words, but it’s him who demonstrates that even the common and “regular” things may be frightful and odious: even it’s a pint of beer. Here the author shows the power of contradictions in a man’s mind, not just in Antoine’s one.

“I don't suppose you can "take sides" with solitude.”


Here Antoine shows his attitude to his mind state – he admits that his Nausea isn’t something unserious – it affects each his day. His solitude “made” it. So, during the whole story he is at showing the reader how deeply the loneliness changes the soul, manner of thoughts and a personality in general.

“Adventure does not let itself be drawn out; it only makes sense when dead.”


Antoine often turns to this thought: as soon as the adventure lasts for too long, it stops being adventure, it becomes a routine. And this thought is proved for many times in the story, beginning with Antoine’s traveling around the world and ending with his meeting with Anne.

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