Nausea Imagery

Nausea Imagery

View from the window

The narrator describes the view from his window very precisely, but this description seems to be very chilly: the narrator uses short sentences, without any artistic elements. But still this description is vivid and picturesque: “Here is my room facing north-east. Below the Rue des Mutiles and the construction-yard of the new station. From my window I see the red and white flame of the "Railwaymen's Rendezvous" at the corner of the Boulevard Victor-Noir. The Paris train has just come in. I hear steps and voices. A lot of people are waiting for the last tramway. They must make a sad little group around the street light just under my window. Well, they have a few minutes more to wait: the tram won't pass before 10.45. I hope no commercial travelers will come tonight…” The author’s manner to write here lets the reader really imagine the atmosphere of that place, to see that “pros and cons” of the view through Antoine’s eyes.


The narrator often writes about Anne (before they meet). He always tells too little about her, in one sentence or two, just some little detail or moment connected with her. But these sentences are so vivid that the reader can think out all those events from which Antoine “caught” the moments he writes about. And thus the reader understands that Antoine has a strong feeling to this woman, she is important for him. And finally when they meet, the thoughts of the reader are confirmed.


One day the narrator very vividly describes the sky he looks at. He adores a “narrow” sky, black and gloomy with rain, “pushing against the windows like a ridiculous, touching face.” Here he shows his mood at the same time: as gloomy and grey as the sky above. The description of the weather helps him to convey his mood without its direct description. And the reader understands this “message” with the help of this vivid description.

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