Nausea Metaphors and Similes

Nausea Metaphors and Similes

Grey reflection of a face (Metaphor)

The narrator says that when he looks at himself in the mirror, “the grey thing appears” there. Calling his face “a grey thing” he shows his true attitude for himself: it’s obvious that he’s not pleased with himself. He understands that he is just “one from the others”, he is stable in his ordinariness.

A diary of a little girl (Simile)

Once Antoine decides to stop writing his daily impressions, “like a little girl in her nice new notebook.” Thus he shows that he isn’t always sure if his notes are worth to be written, the events he writes about, are worth to be noticed. Sometimes they seem to be childish for him.

Fresh pulp of a paper (Metaphor)

Once Antoine sees a sheet of paper on the street: “I bent down, already rejoicing at the touch of this pulp, fresh and tender, which I should roll in my fingers into greyish balls.” He is already feels this sheet, even not touching it. Here the narrator shows how deeply he perceives even such a small detail of the surrounding world as a sheet.

Coins are dead leaves in the devil’s purse (Simile)

The narrator compares his memories with coins in the devil’s purse: “when you open it you find only dead leaves.” Thus he wants to explain that when he keeps his memories deeply in his mind they are valuable for him, but when he just draws them out of there, they become just a couple of words, nothing interesting for him.

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