Nausea Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Nausea Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Glass of beer (Symbol)

At the beginning of the story, Antoine is afraid of looking at a glass of beer: he is avoiding looking at it, he doesn’t want to see it for half an hour. This fair symbolizes the narrator’s peculiarity of consciousness. It’s the first designation for the reader that Antoine’s consciousness has been violated in some way.

Stream of consciousness (Motif)

This motif is the classical one among the works of existentialistic style. The author “catches” some moment, event and examines it, describes his thoughts and feelings concerning it. His consciousness “flies” far from this event, only his thoughts stay in the text. Then he comes back to reality, and everything repeats again. Thus the author immerses the reader deeper and deeper in the narrator’s essence, mind, lets him/her “to be in the other person’s shoes” for awhile.

Keeping back, hiding (Motif)

This motif is embodied in the words, phrases which the narrator constantly misses/ paints out; it seems that he wants to say something more than he says in that particular moment, but he breaks his speech. This keeping back/hiding helps the author not to open the essence of the narrator fully, ‘cause it won’t be interesting for the reader to read the story about a man, whom he knows perfectly. As well, as in real life – the person would not be interesting for us, if we knew everything about him/her.

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