Journey's End Background

Journey's End Background

Journey's End was the seventh drama written by R. C. Sheriff. It was initially largely rejected by many theatres but was finally given a single Sunday premier at the Apollo Theatre in London on the 9th of December 1928. It was a success and ran for a period of over two years. The play was also subsequently showed in the Savoy Theatre on the 21st of January 1929. The play saw enormous success in both America and in Europe and was largely popular and influential among not only the common folk but also the playwrights at that time.

The play follows a group of British officers in a World War I British Infantry company and is a lead up to Operation Michael.

Since its premiere, the play has been adapted into many different forms and translated into many other languages. It was also produced on television by the BBC and aired live from its studios in commemoration of Armistice Day.

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