Journey's End

Journey's End Study Guide

Set in a World War I dugout from March 18 to March 21, 1918, R.C. Sherriff's 1928 play Journey's End follows Captain Stanhope as he deals with alcoholism and symptoms of PTSD while commanding a group of British army officers in the lead up to Operation Michael, a German attack on British trenches. The play ends with Stanhope's two closest officers dying in the line of duty.

The seventh drama written by Sheriff, Journey's End was initially rejected by many theaters due to an assumption that the public didn't want to watch plays about war, particularly plays with no leading lady. After its eventual premiere at London's Apollo Theatre, the play saw enormous success in Europe and America, and has been adapted for film and television. Revivals of the play have received the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revival of A Play, and a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play.