Journey's End Summary

Journey's End Summary

It's the 18th of March, 1918, in the dugout officers' quarters of the british trenches. Less than a hundred yards away is the German trenches. A Captain of a different regiment, Hardy, busies himself with a few last minute things before he hands off watch duties to C Company's Osborne. The two talk about the rumors of an impending major German advance. Hardy goes over vital information, map and logistical details and some situational report topics. Hardy then talks about his knowledge and gossip on Captain Stanhope, Osborne's superior and Commanding Officer of C Company. He mentions rather negatively of his heavy drinking, his young age, and temperament, and isn't shy about suggesting that Osborne should consider surpassing him to command C Company. Osborne immediately rejects the notion and makes defense for his confidence in the young Stanhope. Hardy finishes and he leaves.

Raleigh reports in for the first time fresh from battalion headquarters to Osborne. Raleigh converses with Osborne and shares his connection to Stanhope. Osborne becomes keen of Raleigh's idolization of Stanhope and gently cautions him with some details to be aware of the fact that war and command on the front lines has a habit of changing men. Raleigh is unchanged and his confidence in Stanhope is unwavering. Osborne continues advising and situating Raleigh as diner is being set by the enlisted cook, Mason.

Stanhope and Trotter enter. Stanhope is shocked into a daze at the sight of Raleigh. After diner, Stanhope has Raleigh join Trotter on duty to get him fully acquainted. Hibbert comes off watch duty and enters, complaining of illness, rejects diner and turns in to bed early.

Stanhope tells Osborne that he doesn't believe Hibbert's ill and they talk about Raleigh's connection to, and hero-worshipping of, Stanhope, as well as his relationship with Raleigh's sister. Stanhope is not pleased and tells Osborne he'll check out any letters Raleigh writes. Osborne tucks in an exhausted and angry Stanhope in to his bed.

The front lines are quiet and word comes down from the Colonel to Stanhope that a major attack is planned in two days from the Germans. He orders preparations to hold their ground as the general orders say to.

Colonel enters and tells Stanhope to immediately plan and execute a capture raid across no man's land. Osborne and Raleigh are chosen to lead the capture raid. The raid is successful in that Raleigh captures a young German soldier and is immediately questioned by the Colonel, but Osborne unfortunately dies during the raid. Stanhope and Raleigh are particularly hard-hit with sadness by his death.

The men prepare for the assault and take their ready positions outside, but Stanhope stays in making his own final preparations. The attack does indeed come as predicted and it becomes intense. The Sergeant-Major reports that Raleigh's been critically wounded to Stanhope, who orders him brought to him immediately. Raleigh wakes up on Osborne's old bed with only Stanhope in the room. They speak for a while, but Raleigh fades out as Stanhope goes to grab another blanket and some water. The Sergeant-Major comes in with a dire message from Trotter, and he leaves to join the chaos outside.

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