Journey's End Irony

Journey's End Irony

Stanhope the Old Man

At the end of Scene I, Osborne tries to coax the angry and exhausted Stanhope into bed and calls him an old man. It is ironic in that Osborne is more than twice the age of Stanhope, who is about 21 years old. Stanhope is pushing himself too hard and his time and experience in the trenches and as a commanding officer are showing in his character.

The Wet Sock

Hardy in the opening scene is attempting to dry his wet sock over a candle. He tells Osborne its a nice sock that's supposed to keep your feet dry, but the trouble is they get so wet doing so.

The Decent German Enemy

Osborne tells Raleigh of one of his patrol experiences. One of his men was shot and laid in moaning agony for the better part of a day in No Man's Land between either sides trenches. Trying to rescue him was suicide because of the wide open field of fire and extremely close proximity of the Germans' trench. When they finally attempted to retrieve the man, a German Officer stood up, signaled his men not to fire, and called out to the British lines for them to carry him properly, instead of watching them cause the man more agony as they attempt to simultaneously dodge bullets and drag him across the hard, rocky ground. The next day they all continued to blast each other out of existence, business as usual.

Raleigh Captures a German Boy

The capture raid is successful due to Raleigh's capture of a German Soldier. The German Soldier is actually very much just a young boy like Raleigh, essentially and ironically he manages to capture - in a ways - his own German counterpart.

Captured German Boy's Initial Questioning

The big, burly Sergeant-Major awkwardly handles and tries to calm the captured young German Soldier, who is just a poor little boy crying hysterically and begging for mercy, likely believing that the men are going to torture him. Though he is an enemy soldier, it is evident that the Sergeant-Major treats him in a sort of mildly-confused tenderness in concern for the fragile, crying youth.

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