Journey's End

Journey's End Glossary


long narrow ditches dug by troops to provide a place of shelter from enemy fire; also shorthand for the battlefields of northern France and Belgium in World War I ("the trenches")


large mortar shells, named for the German Minnywerfer

cheero (also cheerio)

used as an expression of good wishes on parting; goodbye; synonym for cheers

The Boche

Germans, especially German soldiers, considered collectively; from the French word for rascal


a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water; also the term for a cooked evening meal or light afternoon meal


slang term for Germans, referring to their helmets, which British soldiers believed resembled chamber pots, known as jerries


waste material; refuse or litter; metaphorically, absurd, nonsensical, or worthless talk or ideas


used to indicate duty or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions


spirited and determined courage


senselessly talkative, babbling; used chiefly as an intensive to express annoyance or contempt

hang about

loiter; wait around


informal British exclamation to express agreement or assent


an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck

no man's land

disputed ground between the front lines or trenches of two opposing armies

Very light

a flare fired into the air from a pistol for signaling or for temporary illumination


intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve, especially in the head or face


leave out or exclude (someone or something), either intentionally or forgetfully

going potty

going insane; losing one's mind


very; extremely (i.e. jolly good)


a close-fitting short coat as part of a uniform, especially a police or military uniform