Journey's End



In 1930, James Whale directed an eponymous film based on the play, starring Colin Clive, David Manners and Ian Maclaren.[16]

A German remake, The Other Side (Die andere Seite), was directed by Heinz Paul in 1931.

The play is the basis for the film Aces High (1976), although the action was switched from the infantry to the Royal Flying Corps.

A second eponymous English film adaptation was released in 2017, with a wider theatrical release in Spring 2018.


The play was televised by the BBC Television Service, live from its Alexandra Palace studios, on 11 November 1937, in commemoration of Armistice Day. Condensed into a one-hour version by the producer George More O'Ferrall, some short sequences from the film Westfront 1918 (1930) by G. W. Pabst were used for scene-setting purposes. Reginald Tate starred as Stanhope, with Basil Gill as Osborne, Norman Pierce as Trotter, Wallace Douglas as Raleigh, J. Neil More as the Colonel, R. Brooks Turner as the Company Sergeant-Major, Alexander Field as Mason, Reginald Smith as Hardy, and Olaf Olsen as the young German soldier. Because it was broadcast live, and the technology to record television programmes did not exist at the time, no visual records of the production survive other than still photographs.[17]

The play was adapted for television in 1988, starring Jeremy Northam as Stanhope, Edward Petherbridge as Osborne, and Timothy Spall as Trotter.[18] It held close to the original script although there were changes, the most obvious being the depiction on camera of the raid, which happens off-stage in the theatre production.

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