In the Afterlight Background

In the Afterlight Background

In the Afterlight is the third book in the trilogy The Darkest Minds, written by Alexandra Bracken, published in 2014. It delves deep into the intriguing story of Ruby, and her fight to save the children of America. The government has set off a bomb in Los Angeles and a plague has been going around, killing thousands of America's children. “Rehabilitation” camps have trapped thousands of people and it’s up to Ruby and few others to save them all. The president’s son, Clancy Gray joins them, not as a friend, but as a prisoner. Ruby, the antagonist, does everything in her power to keep control on Clancy before he takes over their minds. The books revolve around the mission of Ruby and her friends to save America from the corruptive government.

Extra “bonus-content” for In the Afterlight is scheduled to be published in 2018.

Alexandra Bracken, a thirty-year-old originally from Phoenix, Arizona, is a New York Times bestselling American author. Her first book was published in 2010, and since then, she has created a huge fan base and has published several other books. Her parents were huge Star Wars fans, and so she was subject to many creative ideas as a child. She credits that to helping her imagination grow, and for sparking the interest to be an author. Unsurprisingly, she wrote the book adaptation of the film, Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy. She also published the highly successful book Passenger in 2016.

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