The Darkest Minds Background

The Darkest Minds Background

The Darkest Minds is the first in the three-book series of science fiction novels about a world where kids with special abilities are born and deemed threat to the national security.

The first novel follows the young protagonist Ruby who got put in a dreadful camp for children like her called Thurmond. The kids there go through terrible tests and ones who are considered too dangerous are executed. There are five different types of kids with special abilities varying from how powerful their abilities are: blue and green are considered quite harmless, while yellows, oranges and reds are considered a threat and are most likely to be executed.

With a dangerous turn of events Ruby manages to escape Thurmond and goes on a somewhat of an adventure trying to find a safe place, all the while being tormented on the inside by the truth of what she is. The novel has elements of post-apocalyptic fiction with vast descriptions of the lifeless outside world after the crisis with the kids.

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