Head-On Quotes


"Are you Turkish...would you marry me?"


This is the very first thing that Sibel says to Cahit upon meeting him after their suicide attempts. She is seeking a Turk so that her parents will approve of them getting married and she can begin to live in any way she pleases.

"That's enough, you can't make a prince out of a peasant."


Cahit is getting a haircut from Sibel and this is what he says to her in the middle of his cut. His statement about his hair has to do with his feelings about himself. He believes he isn't worthy to look or feel good; the loss of his wife continues to demand he bring himself down.

"What do you expect?"


Seref has Sibel on his couch crying her eyes out about her relationship with Cahit. He says this statement to her as a clear dose of reality--that you cannot expect anyone to be "okay" when all you think about is yourself, to the degree that you do not see how deeply you wound another person who is attempting to do something good for once after the loss of the love of his life.

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