Head-On Irony

Head-On Irony

Can't Smoke Here

The psychologist tells Cahit that he cannot smoke in his office. Ironically, Cahit does not care. He bites of the filter of his cigarette and smokes, blowing it in the doctor's face.


Cahit has tried to kill himself. Ironically, the doctor tells him that he can die...but it should be to himself. That he should let go of his life in order to grab on to the lives of others to help them, such as children in Africa.


Cahit and Sibel get married and on the day of the ceremony it's made known that he was married previously. Ironically, Sibel knows nothing about the man who is about to become her husband, she has never asked about his life as she is only concerned with herself getting free.

Wedding Night

On the night of their wedding, Cahit and Sibel go back to his apartment. She attempts to find out more about his ex-wife and ironically he kicks her out. The first night they are meant to be closer he shuts her out.


Cahit marries Sibel in order to help her. Ironically, being married to her kills him as he knows what a good marriage is and this is not it. It begins to tear his heart apart day by day.

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