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Cahit Tomruk

A Turkish German man who has resorted to taking drugs as a means of coping with his lonely life, after the death of his wife. He is taken to psychotherapy in order to help with his depressed thoughts and feelings, but it only turns out worse for him. Eventually, he movie ends with him living in a life of solitude.

Sibel Güner

The love interest of Cahit. She is also a very conflicted person and is also hooked on drugs. She attempts to coerce Cahit into marrying her but the two live separate lives without being intimate. Eventually she gives into her desire for drugs and starts abusing them again. Nonteheless, at the end she manages to maintain a stable family life.


Sibel's sister. She is the opposite of her sister and has managed to make a successful hotel business. She cares for her sister's well-being and employs her as a maid at the hotel. She is also willing to help her sister by telling Cahit where she is.


The bartender provides Sibel with drugs to help her cope. He mistreats her and rapes her, and then ends up kicking her out, leaving her to be beaten up by men on the streets.

Yunus Güner

The husband of Sibel. He is a businessman and managed to tie down Sibel into a proper family unit. Nonetheless, she still longs for Cahit and engages in an affair with him. However, she ends up choosing her family over Cahit at the end.

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