What are the Stages of Dementia?

Waht are the advance stages of dementia and remedies for the same.

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Stages of Dementia are:

> No symptoms and the patient will function normally.

> Small gaps in memory. The patient may have difficulty locating a daily object such as reading glasses, newspaper and so on.

> The patient may start getting stressed as they will find it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks. The patient may find it hard to remember location,locate an address or forget the names of family and friends.

> Mild dementia sets in. This is when mood swings become prominent.

> The patient may require assistance to perform simple activities.

> The patient will start forgetting names of family members and close acquaintances. This is also the time when the patient may start requiring full-time assistance. Mood swings are also very common and sleep disorders can set in.

> The most critical stage, as severe dementia sets in. The patient will be unable to do almost anything on their own, and require assistance for simple tasks such as sitting, walking, eating and so on.