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“It is the very mark of the spirit of rebellion to crave for happiness in this life. What right have we human beings to happiness? We have simply to do our duty.”


The happiness plays a really significant role in the life of humanity. But, actually one character of Ibsen’s play considers that the person doesn’t have a right to be happy. As he says the life is given to people to do the duty. But what is a life without the pursuit of happiness? What is a sense of life without it? Yes, the author is right in his point of view. People must do their duty. Duty has an important meaning. For example, it can be a responsibility for yourself, your family and friends, your country and society. But it will be better, if you do these things with desire to make your life filled with bright colors of unforgettable moments. People have a right to be as happy as the day is long.

“Oh, that perpetual law and order! I often think that is what does all the mischief in this world of ours.”

Mrs. Alving

Every person aspires to the order in society. Everybody dreams to live without wars, pain, famine, suffering and inequality, but it is almost impossible. All this time humanity has a lot of global problems. And in result the mortality is increasing briskly. But what is a main reason of this disorder? Ibsen is confident that the fault is law and order. Yes, maybe readers are astonished, but it is easy to understand. As we know the government passes laws and rights which can make our life better. But there are some people who refuse of the adoption. And this misunderstanding causes many problems, armed conflict and skirmishes. The author hints on being more responsible and making everything to live in peace and harmony. Esteem and mutual understanding are features which can help people to get rid of the mischief.

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