Ghosts Imagery

Ghosts Imagery

The image of house

The author provides readers with the description of the house. “Round tables, with chairs, a small sofa, with a worktable in front of it, a narrower conservatory” give readers to understand that this house is of the civilized and intelligent people. And “marvelous landscape” behind their house shows that the owner has a huge land plot and hints at the wealth of people living here. This important detail indicating the wealth and prosperity of the hostess is important when contrasted to her inner world and attitude towards relationship between her and her deceased husband. Prosperity means nothing when it comes to the purity of soul.

Gloomy rain

Reading this play, we can notice that the weather is not pleasant. “A gloomy landscape is faintly visible, veiled by steady rain”. And this steady rain gives the feeling of the dark and sorrowful atmosphere. Also it foreshadows the mood of Ibsen’s play. The dismal weather is changed into the dismal life of all characters. Weather always plays an exceedingly important role as a background for actions taking place, and it always finds echo in what is about to happen.


The image of fire shows characters’ self-control, strength of mind and struggle with the sorrow. “Oh, it was a trifling matter. A heap of shavings had caught fire in the carpenter's workshop.” And in result, it inflicts many losses and damage. It is a spiteful joke of nature.

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