Ghosts Characters

Ghosts Character List

Mrs. Helene Alving

A rich widow who lives in a palace in Norway. Mrs. Helene Mrs. Alving has a servant with the named Regina and a son named Oswald. She was married to Captain Alving, who died ten years before the play started. To memorialize her husband’s death, Mrs. Alving establishes an orphanage. Mrs. Alving is a open-minded woman. She is the main character of the novel. 

Pastor Manders

A local priest. Manders believe that Mrs. Alving shouldn’t have abandoned her husband.

Oswald Alving

Mrs. Alving’s son. Oswald adores Regina, Mrs. Alving’s servant maid.

Regina Engstrand

Mrs. Alving's servant maid. Regina is Jakob Engstrand’s daughter. She takes great pride in working for the Alvings. She also adores Oswald, Mrs. Alving's son, back.

Jakob Engstrand

A alcoholic carpenter and Regina’s father.

Captain Alving

Mrs. Alving's husband who died ten years before the play starts.  

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