Ghosts Metaphors and Similes

Ghosts Metaphors and Similes

Insincerity (Metaphor)

It can seem that all members in Alving family live in harmony. But actually, they hide their problems carefully and pretend that everything is alright. Mr. Alving is unfaithful to his wife Helen. And his betrayal hurts her. But the force of love makes her strong and she finds the way to save their marriage for a short time. Alving family lives in lie, but it is better to live in peace and maybe get some disapproval than making everyone believe you are someone, who is far away from who you really are. This false impression gives them nothing but sorrow, and proves that life cannot be perfect, but peace at home and in one’s soul is of greater significance than admiration of surroundings.

Childish happiness (Metaphor)

Oswald lost his father and he always tries to find out some new things about him. As the author writes his father “was brimming over with the joy of life”. But it is a lie. Oswald’s mother carefully hides the truth about her husband. But she did it with purpose, she had her son brought up as a person not disappointed in his father, and thus she had saved him from pain and anger.

Hardships of life (Simile)

Helen’s life isn’t easy. But she always tries to deal with difficulties. “Everything that weighs upon her in life she casts away without care or conscience, like a burden she is free to throw off at will”. She did her best to earn money and bring up her son in wealth and happiness. She is a strong personality.

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