Ghosts Irony

Ghosts Irony

Result of laws

The author shows to readers the effectiveness of laws. As we know, the government should keep and maintain order. But actually, those efforts had a little effect. Ibsen is sure that “the law is what does all the mischief in this world of ours” and ridicules its ineffectiveness.

Fear of the world

From this story characters are afraid of making mistakes, accomplishing new actions and difficulties. As they say “we are, one and all, so pitifully afraid of the light”. Ibsen pours scorn on the unwillingness to change the life. As life isn’t so long, we shouldn’t be afraid of our actions.


Helen Alving always helps her husband to make a reputation and she frankly loves him. But after some time the readers can get to know that her husband isn’t a family man. This is ironic when taking into consideration that moment when Helen cares about him, but Mr. Alving just walks all over his wife.

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