Viy Quotes


“What a splendid country! It must be fine to live here!”

Thomas Brutus

Every person has a beautiful and exciting place, where the heart stops beating and one can enjoy every moment there. It can be a cozy house, where your family always is waiting for you. It can be a special bar, where your best friends always have a good time together with you. Also, it can be a quiet place, where you are alone and have an opportunity to enjoy in silence, thinking about your life. For the main character, the best place is the Dnieper River with its beautiful landscapes and water like crystal. And Thomas thanks God for this opportunity to live here and to see this amazing place. It is like an energizer. Just imagine! You are really tired after the hard routine and everything what you need is to take a rest. And your splendid place will help you.

“There are all sorts of horrors in the world.”

Thomas Brutus

Discussing horrible problems of the whole history of society, people mention all kinds of harm and evil at once. Our world is so cruel nowadays, that we forget about advantages to live there. Economical, ecological and social problems are appeared due to people, who don’t notice their negative influences on the world. But it is not the end. There are also wars, poverty, famine and terrorism. This list of horrors is endless. Generally, all global problems can be schematically represented in the form of the ball, where each thread is stretching to others and they are connected. People can change this world, but it is useless. It is useless for those, who don’t care. Because it is very difficult to get through to egoists, who only take care of themselves and don’t think about the environment.

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