Viy Characters

Viy Character List

Thomas Brutus

Thomas Brutus is the main character of this story. He is a philosopher, who likes to have fun. Also, he likes to lie and smoke the pipe. When he drinks, he always hires musicians and dances the trepak (a dance). This young guy represents the image, which contains many typical Ukrainian and Russian features of the character. The analysis of Thomas’s character shows the person, who has some irony and phlegm with laziness. After the first meeting with the witch, he shows that he doesn’t fear evil and affirms that he is a “Cossack”. But if to be honest, he hides the fear of death. In the end of this story, he is defeated and killed by the witch and Viy.

The witch

The witch is an antagonist of this story. She is an old woman, but when Thomas meets her again she turns into a young beauty, who is a daughter of the colonel. She also has an ability to turn into a dog. She drinks blood of people, especially of children. The witch likes to drive on the shoulders of those guys, who she loves and tortures them. Her father’s servants know a lot of horror stories about her. Also she communicates with evil spirits: devils, demons and Viy, who is a chief of dwarves.


Viy is "the best friend” of the witch and a chief of dwarves. He has long eyelids up from the floor and can see everything. And if somebody looks at his eyes, he or she will die.


Colonel is a father of the witch. He tries to rescue his daughter from the death.

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