Viy Metaphors and Similes

Viy Metaphors and Similes

Cold in the heart (Metaphor)

This metaphor shows Thomas’s feelings, when he fights against the witch. He wants to show that he is a brave and courageous person, but, actually, his fear is extremely visible. And in this case, the author decides to use the metaphorical expression. He doesn’t mean that Thomas’s heart becomes cold and frozen. It is clear, that he bears in mind Thomas’s dismay and his heart smites one due to the struggle with evil spirits: the witch and Viy. His heart “becomes cold” because of scare.

Endless slumber (Simile)

During Thomas’s staying in the house of the old woman, he decides to have a sleep for a short time. Here Gogol compares his sleep with death. “Thomas lay down on his right side to sleep like a corpse”. It means that he sleeps deeply and nothing is able to waken him.

Beauty of the Dnieper (Simile)

We can observe that Gogol often describes the nature of Ukraine. Thus, he shares with amazing scenery. For example, “to the right of these meadows were chains of hills and in the remote distance one saw the Dnieper shimmer and sparkle like a mirror of steel”. It means that the Dnieper’s water is clean and transparent.

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