Viy Imagery

Viy Imagery

Market-place’s atmosphere

The author clearly describes the market-place in Kiev. “About this time of day the market-place was generally full of bustle, and the market women, selling rolls, cakes, and honey-tarts, plucked the sleeves of those who wore coats of fine cloth or cotton”. The smell of newly-baked pastry creates home atmosphere and the noise of women, who sell products, proves their industry and employment.

Dreamy nature

The image of the nature is well-described in this story. “The sun had just gone down, and the air was still heavy with the heat of the day. The way wound on through thick woods of oak and walnut; green hills alternated here and there with meadows”. And when the twilight was coming, “the sky was already quite dark, and only a red gleam lingered on the western horizon”. This unique picture gives the feeling of calm and peace.

Mysterious night

The night through which the philosopher Thomas Brutus spends with his strange rider, is somewhat mystic. “The half — moon shone pale and high in the sky. Its mild light, still more subdued by intervening clouds, fell like a transparent veil on the earth”. The atmosphere is moist and warm. But due to the appearance of the witch and the sickle moon, the night becomes more enigmatic.

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