Translations Metaphors and Similes

Translations Metaphors and Similes


Owen being called Rolland by Yolland and Lancey is a metaphor for how people will make you what they believe they heard, rather than who you are if you don't speak up and clarify the real situation with yourself.

Burn it Down

Lancey declares that the village livestock will be shot, families evicted and their homes torn down if Yolland isn't found in 24 hours. This is a metaphor for how power lords itself over people, willing to wipe the history of families off the map in order to get what they want.


The placenames of the Irish village are being anglicized by Yolland with the help of Owen. This is a metaphor for how the stories behind the names are being stripped and thus the history being thrown away.


Lieutenant Yolland goes missing after kissing Maire the night before. This is a metaphor for the unfriendly relationship between the Irish and the English and how any relationship between the two countries does not sit well with the people.

Soda Bread

Manus has always taken care of his father, who doesn't even pay him a wage in helping him at the school. This is a metaphor for how Manus has stayed under his father's shadow to the point that he has no identity of his own.

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