Translations Literary Elements

Translations Literary Elements





Setting and Context

Baile Beag - a fictional village in Ireland, late August 1833

Narrator and Point of View

POV is that of Manus and Owen

Tone and Mood

Dramatic, Serious, Comedic

Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonist is Owen and Manus. Antagonist is Lancey, Yolland and English Army

Major Conflict

The English Army has come to Baile Beag to anglicize the Irish placenames


Yolland goes missing after kissing Maire and Captain Lancey declares that if he is not found in 24 hours they will shoot the livestock, evict the families and tear down their homes.


Maire not wanting to marry Manus because he doesn't have any social standing foreshadows his heartbroken-ness.


It is understated as to whether Yolland is dead or not.


The play is an allusion to how power (the English Army) attempts to make people believe they are there to help, when in reality they are there to take.


Jimmy Jack and his horrible smell.

The danger and violence of the Dooley Brother's arrival.


Manus get the job, the income, home, animals and social standing he needs to marry Maire. Paradoxically she doesn't want to marry him any longer.


Manus demanding Sarah say her name at the end of the play parallels him teaching her to say it at the opening.


The English Army becomes the personification of what they have been doing by anglicizing the placenames of Baile Beag when they declare they will destroy the village and leave nothing behind if Yolland isn't found. They become the force that is there to wipe away the people of Baile Beag and claim what belongs to the Irish for their own.

Use of Dramatic Devices

The end of the play has Hugh reciting Virgil's "Aeneid." It relates to the inevitability of the English conquest and also its impermanence.

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