Translations Irony

Translations Irony


Manus receives a teaching position with all of the benefits he believes he needs in order to convince Maire to marry him. Ironically, she has kissed Yolland and Manus knows she doesn't desire him as he does her.


The world is moving forward and English is becoming to primary language of the advancing world. Ironically, Hugh only teaches Irish, Latin and Greek.


Jimmy Jack has learned Greek from Hugh by studying with him for years. Ironically, Jimmy Jack doesn't use the Greek for anything other than to live in an imaginary world Greek gods and beauties.


Owen is an Irishman through and through, but ironically he is willing to serve the English Army and help them to anglicize all of the placenames of his people's land without deep consideration of what he is doing.


Manus has been offered a full time teaching job, but decides he won't be going after Yolland's disappearance, and sets off to an unknown place. Ironically, his abandoning his job will be seen as a sign of guilt, and the English will hunt him, believing he had a hand in Yolland's disappearance.

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