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Essay Questions

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    Why does Lancey declare that the entire town will be torn apart?

    Lancey says this because Yolland has gone missing. He came as part of the English renaming, and laying claim to Ireland. There stay was on the outside peaceful, but now that one of their own is gone, Lancey tells the town that they will kill their animals, evict the families, and tear down their homes if Yolland isn't found within 24 hours.

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    Why does Manus leave town?

    Manus has been offered a job in a different town, which he has accepted. He took it in order to have the necessary things that Maire desires in order to marry him. However, Maire has fallen for Yolland, and English soldier who's come to town, and Manus knows it. Upon the morning of Yolland's disappearance Manus leaves town. He knows they will believe he is the one who did something to Yolland, but he does not care.

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    Why doesn't Manus apply for a teaching job at the school his father has applied to?

    Manus is extremely loyal to his father, even to a fault. He wants to have a higher-standing position in society, but he doesn't go after it in the form of an open teaching job because his father has applied for it. He doesn't want to risk hurting his father and damaging their relationship, even at the expense of his relationship with Maire, who will only marry him if he has a proper station in life that can take care of her.

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