This Side of Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

This Side of Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

World War I (Symbol)

The main character Amory Blaine is forced to take part in the World War I. It is very cruel, painful and pitiless event of every nation. It brings a lot of heart-breaks, deaths, shocks and disasters. But for Amory it appears as a turning point in his life. The war gives him knowledge of life. It is a symbol of experience and the changing of inner life of the main character. The war teaches him how to get the most important values, which person should have.

Alcohol (Symbol)

Alcohol dependence is a very broadly discussed problem. It may begin with different reasons; especially it concerns family issues. The main character becomes to be under the influence of alcohol. Rosalind breaks Amory’s heart and he chooses this way. He affirms that it is a way to get rid of the depression. But thank God, Amory saves himself from it. In this story, alcohol symbolizes the murderer, which destroys the human fate wholly. But everybody has a bit of blue sky to be saved.

Self-realization, Family, Love (Motif)

To recognize oneself is the most popular motif of this story. It is like an instruction for readers. To realize oneself is not a simple thing, but the main character proves that it is possible. One event changes him and his self-knowledge. He understands that the family and the feeling of love can’t be replaced with money. Fitzgerald teaches readers to live in harmony with friends and relatives. Only respect can save from evil and troubles.

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