This Side of Paradise Imagery

This Side of Paradise Imagery

Magic of the winter night

The author describes the night extremely beautifully. “The half misty, half crystalline sky” charms the reader. The stretching roads seem to be “dark creases on the white blanket” and “huge heaps of snow lining the sides like the tracks of giant moles”. This winter night makes readers to belief in magic and fairytale.

Sweet home

The atmosphere of the family home is very important in the life of everybody. Amory’s house also has a specific atmosphere. “The shrieks of laughter, the vapid odor of hot chocolate and tea-cakes, the sound of the gramophone and the voices of many girls” makes him a happy boy. He always remembers pleasant and enjoyable moments of his house.

Good-natured person

If to speak about the positive personage of this story, readers immediately think about Monsignor Darcy. “He is a man forty-four then, and bustling—a trifle too stout for symmetry, with hair the color of spun gold, and a brilliant, enveloping personality”. “He resembled a Turner sunset, and attracted both admiration and attention”. Everybody respects him for his politeness and kindness.

Charming witch

Describing Amory’s last love, the author is fascinated by Eleanor’s beauty. When he sees her after a long time, he cannot look away from her. She is like “a witch”, who enchants with her “pale skin, the color of marble in starlight, slender brows, and eyes that glitter green as emeralds in the blinding glare”. Eleanor is “alert and dreamy and with the tell-tale white line over her upper lip that is a weakness and a delight”. Appearances is the story are masterfully portrayed.

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