This Side of Paradise Characters

This Side of Paradise Character List

Amory Blaine

Amory Blaine is the main character of this story and he is a protagonist. Amory grew up with his mother and after he was sent to the boarding school. He was a kind-hearted child in childhood. But the life makes him an egotistic and selfish person. He also is handsome and high-minded bachelor, who always seduces ladies. He doesn’t have many friends and his teachers always call him “lazy guy”. At the end he gets the self-knowledge, but it costs of losing his dearest people in life.

Rosalind Connage

Rosalind Connage is a younger sister of Alex Connage, Amory’s friend, and the biggest Amory’s love. As the author writes “she is one of those girls who need never make the slightest effort to have men fall in love with them”. She is a romantic person, but the wealth wins in this story. She breaks up Amory’s heart and chooses to marry the rich man.

Beatrice Blaine

Beatrice Blaine is Amory’s mother. She is not a positive person. Beatrice always thinks that she is a person of the “high class”, because she is rich and has a high education. But she doesn’t use her knowledge and money for some goals. She uses it to plume herself. Besides, she often drinks alcohol.

Monsignor Darcy

Monsignor Darcy is positive personage. He is a kind person. His love to Beatrice is wonderful. And he always treats Amory with respect and kindness as if Amory is his son. At the end he becomes a clergyman.

Kerry Holiday

Kerry Holiday is Amory’s friend. He is the first person Amory meets at Princeton. Kerry teaches his friend not to take the life and its problems very seriously. He is also very confident person, who doesn’t worry about everyday problems. Kerry fights in World War I and dies as all young guys.

Burne Holiday

Burne Holiday is Kerry’s brother and Amory’s friend. He is intelligent, clever and hardworking. “Burne, fair-haired, silent, and intent, appeared in the house only as a busy apparition, gliding in quietly at night and off again in the early morning to get up his work in the library”. He also refuses to fight in World War I, thinking that it is stupid.

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